Search Engine Optimization - Your Business Will Be Found By More People

Why use an SEO Specialist?

We can help attract the best people searching for your service because in 15-45 seconds after they search, they will be on the phone with the company that came up.

In many cases it will be a competitor that invested in SEO.

Sorry "I didn't make the rules" it's the world we live in today, almost instant options for them.

It can be your business they see and call.

Let me help Increase your online success!

Yes me, responsible to you - an idea that has worked for me in my businesses for 35 years, without fail - it works best.

You know that your business needs to show up in the Maps area as much as possible. That puts you ahead of all the lead gens and large directories - people searching look there for your reviews and phone.

Don't be fooled by weak promises while you wait for months. We've got you covered in all of it.

Your Keyword Research

The SEO strategy is to determine the best keywords for your business, then optimize your website so that it ranks for that exact search. We also want to make sure good tracking is set up so you know what is working. Having someone on your team to not only monitor this, but also know how to set things up properly, allows you to run your growing business.

Set Up Your Tracking

My client was on page 3 when we started for his city ac repair. Here is how we moved just this 1 keyword to page 1. Do you see how you can step in front of your competition?The people searching are only going to call the companies that they see, never go to page 3.

If your business is ready to do more, then you should really want this, people never go to page 2 of Google!

We helped this client move the Google Search Results from bottom of page 2 to the 4rth position on the first page. Being on page 1 and in the maps will change your number of potential customers.

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Thinking you're able to figure out anything and so you can do your own SEO.

I get it - I'm a DIYr too, always have been - but this is not something you should try if you're serious about increasing your online calls.


  • You'll wait for months to realize no good results are coming - there's way more to this than what someone thinks. By that time we would have the foundation built for growth, can your business afford to wait like that?
  • Worse ranking or not ranking at all anymore. Your business can be delisted by a penalty if certain lines are crossed with the Search Engines. They know what to watch for because many people try to manipulate them for the PRIME positions on the web.
  • Most business owners are way too busy to try to figure out how this works.
  • Subcontract it out - Imagine hiring an expert at your company and finding out they just thought they knew, you don't want employee headaches.

Let me handle this, and you run your growing business. We have expertise with lists on top of lists to make sure everything is correctly done - I've got you.

Real Jobs - Not Lead Gen Frustration

Companies are tired of shared leads that hardly ever turn into real jobs.

You will appreciate getting real calls at the best price on the web - a true solution.

Keyword Ranking

We’ve always heard “it’s all about the keywords – add them to your website if you want to rank for them”. Well, that is true but as with most things it’s not the whole picture. Yes, for instance, a roofer should have roofer or roofing on their website but those are very competitive keywords. In other words, there are many roofers in the area and all are going to say roofer on their websites. So, how is Google going to determine the best ones. Well, there are many factors, and those factors change, so it is a bit of an art to stay relevant so the search system shows you as the most relevant. 

  • Your Business Reputation

    Your online reputation is very important to monitor and keep positive. The ability for a customer to judge you is so easy and quick and you want to make sure you're being seen in a good light.

    Ever notice how when something goes what they perceive to be a little wrong, they want to tell the world - but not when all was great.

    Be sure you're showing the 99% of greatness that you have always provided.

    Use our reputation system to do that.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Do you wish for more results from your website?

    Many websites look excellent and are functional for the user, and even do bring some customers.

    But what if the traffic could increase ten times? Is this possible? It very well could be possible, with the correct methods.

    Let's look at how your site is performing and see where we can improve.

  • Dominate Your Local Area So You Get The Calls

    You've seen your competitors on the first page. Yes, they are always getting the calls, even if you're the best company that the customer should be calling.

    There are things that you should do to correct this - let me handle it for you and turn the tables on your competition - they won't understand what you did but they will notice for sure.

  • Social Media

    Some businesses want to use social media and others think it's not worth it for them.

    You know your business better than anybody so of course, it's your choice and not 100% necessary to rank well.

    But, just realize that many of today's customers are using social media to determine who they give their business to.

  • eCommerce

    Have products that you want to sell or things aren't selling? Let's take a look under the hood. Maybe some changes are in order that will make all the difference.

  • Help & Support

    Tired of dealing with the large agencies that promise the moon and then lock you in? Our clients enjoy full support and consistent communications so they always know what we're working on, and are updated as processes are completed. 

The Best SEO Companies...

that are surviving do the following

  • Stay current on industry best practices
  • Build on the clients assets so they don't control your info
  • Test and re-test so know what is working


Internet Marketing Company

that is best to hire...

  • Doesn't lock you in with long-term contract
  • Will consult and help on other areas when can
  • Are easily communicated with when needed

An Affordable SEO Company

cost is always looked at closely

  • You need an ROI that allows growth
  • Measure results so you can know it's great
  • Cost cutting when possible




"When it comes to online business marketing needs, look no further than Daryl. His SEO strategies are cutting edge and will help any business. Online marketing is crucial to your business success in this new age, and Daryl should be your very first step."

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