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What happens during a Growth Strategy call?

During the Marketing Consult Phone Call We Will:

  1. Analyze your current website.
  2. Compare you to your competition.
  3. Hear your goals and discuss your online marketing needs.
  4. Give you a cost for the services for your custom plan
  5. Provide you with a way to move forward when you're ready to start.

Is My Business A Good Fit for Getem SEO?

In most situations, you must meet the following criteria to work with me:

  1. You should already know that your website can do better for you, and more calls can be coming in from the site. Your prospects do the search and start near the top determining who to call - near the top is where the prime calls come from (our goal).
  2. You must have a good reputation and also be ready and able to handle an increased work load.
  3. It also helps if you have seen how bad the lead-gen referral services are, then you can easily see the benefit of customers calling you directly (not you trying to beat all the others who were given the already dead lead - that they bill you for).
  4. You need to realize that SEO today is different from SEO last year. If you know so much that you want to control the SEO - don't contact me. In short, for success, you'll want to do what you're good at, providing great service, and have SEO experts working behind the scenes to get'em calling you.
  5. You should have some budget to invest as long as you get results.

IN SUMMARY - My team is ready, we don't need to be told how to get it done. We'll just need your input so we are going after the areas you want and the best service calls you want. We can immediately start implementing the changes you need so you can be very happy with us working together.

If you're NOT happy with your ranking, which results in a low number of incoming calls for service? Let's talk!

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