Marketing has really evolved over the past decade and things that worked just a few years ago now seem antiquated and much less effective. One thing is a business needs to realize that people are on their phones looking for answers like never before. They want it quick and easy so that needs to be considered in their offer. For many searchers, it’s not enough to just see the answer that your business offers what they need. They want to see the reviews of others to help them make a decision about the business they are considering.

It’s not that many businesses don’t get the traffic to their sites, it’s that the customers just keep looking for something that excites them and almost makes the decision for them. They want to be inspired to look into the business further, not just look at their signage and that’s enough.

The Biggest Marketing Challenges for Small Businesses

How do your know which marketing company to choose to hire? 

A great way to know is to have a referral from someone who has worked with the company before, but let’s face it sometimes there isn’t a true best referral available at the time that your decision is pending. You should have a discussion with the potential marketing company and ask the important questions for you. Understand the timelines of estimated results and how much potential are they seeing. Be sure to know how they/you are going to measure the results and what are the key metrics. Is it going to be potential new customers, or the actual number of purchases.

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